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Thursday, June 25, 2009

::: TFTM2: ROTF :::

revenge of the fans

da shows ended ard 3am dis mornin n'
de oni words we can say is "f**k"...

thx 2 Bay, he gav us lotsa disappointments n' borin-ness~

it's more like a car-sellin commercial 2 me~
i wan transformation rather than combination~

for a 2hrs30min shw, i cud oni n'joy +-30min shows~ wat a great job~

i'll rate it 4/10~ it's totally suxx~


mloo said...

really suck geh?bang

kiien_kyan said...

apa ni?

kiien_kyan said...
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angie said...

gosh.. i'm going to watch it this weekend... *sob sob*..

kenny said...

oops~ still got nice parts to enjoy ge~ dun worry too mch~ hehe~

coreyfx said...

haha..agree with kenny..
for me..not just a selling car movie..
is a cross over with "sky net" movie..XD

personal..totally suck of this movie..

comercial side,this really a good entertaiment film.

Pauz said...

Well... going to watch this coming FRiday... let's see how s/F**k is the movie..kekeke

kiien_kyan said...

wat mean of "s/F**k "?

Scott Wilson said...

Hopefully this is not too harsh coming from a stranger,but if it did sucked,it wouldnt have reached Domestic Total Gross of $402,111,870.And if Bay sucked so bad in bringing back images from the past just to give kids a better view of the word 'imagination',Spielberg wouldn't have even signed him up for the game.I personally don't have much knowledge about technicalities,but i do know it aint easy when it comes to production and satisfying the audiences with creativity,so just respect your own field already.