Thursday, March 4, 2010

::: Done :::

Through out all this months with heavy workloads,

finally this web has been done n' launched...

take a look n' gimme some feedback ya~ ;)


kiien_kyan said...


哇!咩连Astro Beyond都系你地做架?
我以为他们有自己既Animation Team既?

讲返你既网站,当我要click去睇dasein或者TARC既port folio时,如果只系click "college" 唔系 click "dasein",入去只系显示到Dasein既网址哦,有D confuse咧。

仲有,无 BACK button哦~有D唔方便。。


kenny said...

oh, fixed de... but dun have to create back button la.. juz click on the top ma ok la...